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Maggi Noodles is the delicious snack treat. Learn to make a new way to cook delicious maggi noodles with carrot and beans in a simple method. Even the kids cannot deny to enjoy this yummy maggi treat.

• 1 pack maggi noodles
• Maggi masala
• 1 carrot thinly chopped
• 4 or 5 beans thinly chopped
• 2 tablespoon oil
How to make Maggi Noodles:

  1. Boil 1 glass of water in a pan and add Maggi Noodles and . Simmer for 1 minute till the Maggi is halfly cooked.
  2. Meanwhile heat two tsp of oil in another pan and fry the carrot and beans. Put both the pans in a medium flame
  3. After frying the veggies add the strained noodles. Stir it occasion
  4. Then add Maggie masala and stir it occasionally.

That's it now it is ready to eat. Serve this dish immediately to enjoy a great snack dish.
You can watch the video here

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